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Coffee appears to be good for you.

This large study published earlier this year and involving tracking more than 400,000 participants over twelve years looked at the correlation between coffee drinking and mortality. It found that, all else being equal, there is an inverse correlation between coffee drinking and mortality, or, in other words, people who drink a lot of coffee died less often:

In this large, prospective U.S. cohort study, we observed a dose-dependent inverse association between coffee drinking and total mortality, after adjusting for potential confounders (smoking status in particular). As compared with men who did not drink coffee, men who drank 6 or more cups of coffee per day had a 10% lower risk of death, whereas women in this category of consumption had a 15% lower risk. Similar associations were observed whether participants drank predominantly caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee.

However, all else is rarely equal. The study also found that coffee drinkers were more likely to have other habits, particularly smoking, that correlate with higher mortality. When not correcting for these factors, coffee drinkers were a bit more likely to die. In other words, coffee appears to be good for your health, but if you drink a lot of coffee, statistically you’re more likely to have other, unhealthy habits that increase mortality.